How to Make a Traditional Irish Coffee

Traditional Irish coffee is a sweet, strong drink made with espresso and hot water. It can be served either on the rocks or neat, often accompanied by whipped cream. The term “Irish” refers to the fact that this type of coffee was first popularized in Ireland.

It’s also sometimes known as an Irish Car Bomb because it has three different types of alcohol: Irish whiskey, Jameson whiskey, and Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur.

To make a traditional Irish coffee, you will need some good quality-beans. The best place for these is in the grocery aisle where they’re sold by weight and not volume like most other countries use so that there’s no confusion about how much an individual serving size should be when cooking at home or ordering from restaurants abroad! To get started: add boiling water (about 6oz) to 3 tablespoons sugar in your favorite mug then top off with strong espresso; stir until completely dissolved before adding milk—I recommend 2% cream but any variety works fine too.


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