It doesn’t take much time searching the internet to find that there are great benefits to massage. Not only do you reap the great benefits of relieving the aches and pains from sore muscles and joints, but massage actually helps to get blood flow going, which helps in the healing processes of the body.
The Psychological Benefits of Massage Then there are the psychological benefits of massage. You may have seen in TVs infomercials or on the news that massage helps to soothe the stress out of your body and to make you feel better. People love to be touched, and massage provides that, but it goes well beyond, providing a therapeutic outlet that helps to release hormones that make a person feel significantly better.

Add Music to It for Real TransformationThe science behind the benefits of massage have long been established, but so has the research related to music. Several studies have found that music therapy will have a dramatic impact on the overall mood and outlook of a person. It has also been found to decrease the symptoms of such things like anxiety or depression and has helped to soothe and aid in the treatment of those who are suffering from both schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. Those who are experts in music therapy explained that the use of music can create a global improvement for an individual. This is even included for those who have been severely addicted to mind-altering drugs, as the music helps to provide a therapeutic method that brings about positive feelings in the person and improved brain functioning. This is why the use of the therapy has been found in hospitals, colleges and universities, rehabilitation centers, and by therapists across the globe. Even those who are suffering from PTSO from war have found great benefits through music therapy.

Combing the Two for Optimal Results With this research backing it, it only makes sense that the two would be combined to provide the ultimate in a relaxing experience that is both therapeutic and beneficial to the overall treatment of a person receiving the massage. In the market today, you will find that most massage therapists are now being trained on how the use of music can benefit in helping patients to relax.

If one considers the primary reason that a person sees a massage therapist, it is usually because of an injury, sore or aching muscles, or the need to remove stress. As the music therapy research has demonstrated, the use of music can have a beneficial effect on mood, which helps to improve the massage techniques. The person who is more relaxed is able to undergo the treatment in a much more therapeutic way. The stress they may be feeling from anxiety or depression lowers, making the working out of sore muscles, painful joints, or injured regions of the body a lot easier.

For the patient, the addition of music in conjunction with the massage will have a dramatic impact on the therapeutic benefits of the massage. Patients truly find that they not only have a reduction in physical pain, but the emotional and psychological benefits are even more profound. This is why if you are struggling with any kind of physical or emotional issue, it truly makes sense for you to use a massage therapist who is using music therapy as part of their treatment regimen.