About Us

Holy Mountain Austin is all about preparing and serving great drinks and cocktails, and mouthwatering dishes.

Holy Mountain Austin is a local restaurant that serves world-class drinks and dishes. Founded over a decade ago, we’re a team with a deep passion for food and music. Our ultimate goal is to bring people with similar interests together as they enjoy their favorite drinks and food.

Our bar and restaurant has been offering good food, great drinks and amazing music to ensure our customers enjoy great times whenever they walk into our premises.

Walking into the Holy Mountain Austin is unlike entering the doors of any other restaurant. We offer an unmatched dining and entertainment experiences to our customers and fans. We’ve been delivering unique and memorable entertainment for decades through great music.

At Holy Mountain Austin, we guarantee you an amazing time each time you walk into our bar and restaurant. Whether you’re looking to relax or treat a loved one, you won’t be disappointed. What’s more, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs for great drinks and food.