Shower Panel at Rest House in the Mountains

Nothing can be best for trekkers and climbers than to rest a couple of days in a lovely rest house located beautifully down the mountains.

One can relax and enjoy the scenic view of the mountains and snow there. But there are certain things you shouldn’t miss out in your mountain rest house.

Along with kind and helpful staffs who try to be honestly nice to caring to the guests, the house and its rooms and surrounding need to be perfect so that visitors can leave a 5-star rating for your service. Clean and comfy showers, tidy rooms, proper toiletries, extras like sofa and fans in rooms help to provide a near- perfect service for the visitors.

Here, we are discussing the best shower panels you can have in your lodge so that the guests get a big, warm and proper bath. To make your bathrooms a more functional and attractive place, you may consider purchasing suitable shower panels.

Shower panels and their features

Firstly, let me explain what exactly a shower panel is. It is a wall mounted panel that has countless features on it to help you get clean. Body sprays and massage jets dot the shower head as well as the panel. You may sometimes see a dotted shower wand as well. (which I currently have at my rest house).

Shower panels essentially feature taps, shower heads and a multitude of water sprayers. Don’t worry about fitting these items into your panel, as they are built-in parts of the panel itself.

Things to look for in your desired shower panel

This handy guide will help you choose the best and most suitable shower guide for your rest lodge.

Firstly, choosing a proper material for your panel should be your major concern. These items come in wide varieties from different manufacturers. So, before you actually head out for comparison-shopping online or in physical markets, it’s a good idea to fix your preferred material. Common
materials most users choice are tempered glass, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. All of these provide a robust look as well as effective functionality to your panel.

Glass provides sleek beauty, while the edgy stainless steel makes your bathroom more elegant and classier so that the guest feels like staying there forever. If you think of using lightweight-aluminum-alloy, then it would make an even better choice as an aluminum frame of shower panel is strong while at the same time offers a polished and shiny look.

Now that almost everything has gone online don’t forget to check out clicks of shower panels and how they look inside each bathroom in the internet marketplaces. With the help of product photos, it’s easier to get your choices streamlined. The ravishing panels can inspire you to point towards the right materials for the panel you’ve always desired of.

Look for features- Among a plethora of choices, you would certainly want to choose the most dazzling and elite one. However, without considering what features you want, looks and aura of the panel would be of no use.

And this is why you need to think about which qualities you want. For instance, how many spray heads do you want? Or, what kind of spray you would like, the one with waterfall effects or another with a massage-jet option. Plus, as for my rest house in the middle mountains, where there is some coldness, panel that complies well with warm water is ideal.

Get proper measurements- Its quite obvious that not all the panels you love will fit your bathroom’s size. So, first find the dimension of your shower wall, compare it with that of your desired panel and choose accordingly. Don’t let the picture fool you; the actual dimensions may
vary entirely from what you see in a marketed picture.

Now that you have learned how to shop, why not begin today?



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