Who We Are

A Brief History

Holy Mountain Austin was founded in 2000 to meet the varied needs of our guests. We understand that no two guests are the same. Therefore, we tailor our services to satisfy your unique needs.

Our founders were inspired by their love for good food, great music, and exquisite drinks to start this bar and restaurant. Our team shares the same love and passion as our founders. We put the best foot forward to meet your special needs for drinks and delicious dishes.

We started with only 2 employees and have grown over the years. Today, we boast over 100 employees across our various locations in the U.S. Our bar and restaurant has also grown in size to accommodate more guests.

Music Is In Our Blood

At the Holy Mountain Austin, music is the blood that flows in our veins. We’re deeply passionate about music. We can’t breathe or live without music, our heartbeat. We appreciate the music of all kinds although our hearts beat to rock and roll.

We play the music that moves and spikes thoughts and feelings. We pour out impactful music from our stage to the hearts of our customers. We often post an updated schedule of performances in the lineup.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

The mission of Holy Mountain Austin is to provide high quality drinks and delicious foods to our base of customers. We also entertain our guests during their visits to keep them coming back.

Our goal is to become a leading bar and restaurant locally, nationally and internationally. We aim at serving the best drinks and food to our guests, and become the go-to destination for endless entertainment.

Our bar and restaurant runs on various core values and principles as follows:


We believe everything is possible with integrity. Our success is based on integrity as a guide for all our business operations, dealings and partnerships.


We’re honest in everything we do and with all our business partners to ensure undying success. We teach our employees to be honest in all their dealings to uphold our values.


At Holy Mountain Austin, we engage in transparent dealings to earn the trust of our customers and business stakeholders. Together with our other core principles, we steer our business forward towards success.

Our World Renowned Chefs

William J. McKee

Executive Chef

Margaret G. Maddox

Chef de Cuisine

Eric D. Dedeaux

Executive Sous Chef

Made By The Best Only For The Best

We are pleased to serve you all of our best nutritious and delicious meals please see our contact page